Carlsbad Stump Removal

this is an image of stump removal in Carlsbad

Apart from stump grinding, Carlsbad Pro Tree Service also conducts professional engagement in full stump removal. These stumps can be leftover from storms, trees that have died, or other unpleasant circumstances. On some occasions, tree stumps can come off as aesthetically pleasing, but most of the time, it’s safer to do something about them. Another factoid:  Most tree stumps simply will not die. They continue to sprout, above ground and below, long after the trunk has been felled. Maple and cottonwood trees are infamous for leaving behind these “zombie” stumps, but other species make a list as well.

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    An image of Carlsbad Stump Removal
    this is an image of stump removal in Carlsbad

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    Why are Tree Stumps Unsafe

    You may be surprised at just how many problems leftover stumps can cause. For starters, they create tripping hazards, especially in public places such as parks. Children are often inclined to jump and play on them (come on, we all did it when we were kids), risking a fall or impalement by a nasty splinter. Tree stumps can also damage lawn equipment, or at the very least, force a wide go-around from their unsightly presence.

    Getting back to stumps that go on living past their time, if the tree it once supported were diseased, the sickness would survive with the stump and likely spread to healthy plants in the area. A case like this renders mere stump grinding insufficient. The roots that remain underground can serve as transports for whatever virus may be running amok.

    And speaking of those roots, they too will keep growing right along with the stump. They can even send out new sprouts. The term for this is “suckering,” and it can damage sidewalks, driveways, walls, stairs, and lots of other amenities on your property.

    When to Choose Stump Removal Over Stump Grinding

    If you want to plant another tree where the stump of an old one is now, then full stump removal becomes necessary. This will give you a nice, clear area for planting and the new tree with plenty of room to grow. Stump grinding leaves the roots behind, which in turn can take up to five years to decay. If you’d rather not wait this long, have the stump fully removed.

    Is Hiring a Professional for Stump Removal Important?

    This question is almost rhetorical. But to give a short answer—yes. While roots take five years to decay, for the stump, it could be more like decades. There are chemicals on the market that expedite the process, such as potassium nitrate, but they are not eco-friendly, take four to six weeks to work, and to apply them, you’ll need to drill holes in the stump.

    Call Carlsbad Pro Tree Service

    Carlsbad Pro Tree Service is here to help you cut around the difficulties of having tree stumps removed in Carlsbad, California. Our efficient, professionally trained crew can handle the job in 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the stump’s size and location. So if ever you’re having an issue with tree stumps on your property and need a service you can trust, call us at 760-280-5757 for free estimates.