Carlsbad Tree Removal

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In an old, old story written by one of America’s most popular authors, there’s a segment that concerns a dead tree at the property line of an elderly lawyer’s lawn. The tree had been lost for years and needed to be removed. Instead, the lawyer procrastinated. Year after year, the tree’s posture became disturbing to look at—at least for the lawyer’s neighbor, who worried about it falling and damaging his property. Periodically he would remind the lawyer to please have the tree removed. The lawyer promised he would but kept putting the task off until one night, a massive storm blew in from the lake and knocked the tree down. It landed on the neighbor’s boathouse, staving in the roof. From here, the relationship between the neighbor and lawyer only became tenser.

Though a fictional tale, the above describes a valid reason for tree removal. It can and has happened in real life. Unfortunate as it may be, there are times when nothing can be done for a tree that’s too unhealthy to stand on its own. The safest course of action is to have it removed and, we sincerely hope, plant a new one.

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    this is an image of tree removal in Carlsbad
    this is an image of tree removal in Carlsbad

    Why Is Tree Removal Important?

    Unsafe as it is to simply wait for a sick or dying tree to fall on its own, there are other reasons to consider a Carlsbad tree removal. For example, a sick tree may present problems for other trees in the area. Plant viruses can jump from host to host, just like animal viruses. Their infection is almost always systemic and often appears in the form of discolored foliage. Other signs your tree may have a virus include stunted growth and unusual coloration of its flowers. Tree viruses are commonly transmitted by sap contact with another tree, insects, and soil born parasites within the tree’s roots.

    Another reason you may need to have your tree removed involves damaged or overgrown roots that creep upon the foundation of nearby buildings. Such encroachment can actually weaken the structure and make it unstable.

    Can I Remove The Tree Myself?

    If you have little or no experience with tree removal, it’s best to let professionals handle the job. Carlsbad Pro Tree Service is fully certified for the orchestration of tree removal. When you call us at 760-280-5757, a trained team with modern, reliable equipment will get right on the case. Our method depends largely on the size of the tree and its location. Providing there’s enough space around the tree, we can cut it down in one piece and divide it on the ground. If space is scarce, we’ll need to scale the tree and cut the limbs off from the top down. Typically, we’ll cut the tree down to a low stump. Afterward, we offer services for stump grinding or stump removal.

    Preparation for tree removal is not difficult, but you should take care of a few things, such as:

    • Clear space around the tree, so our equipment has easy access
      • Large trucks and wood chippers are commonly used for tree removal
    • Move all breakable items away from the tree

    When it comes time to have a tree removed in Carlsbad, California, get in touch with professionals who do the job best. Call 760-280-5757 and talk with the friendly folk at Carlsbad Pro Tree Service today.