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If you happen to live in or around Carlsbad, California, it may already be old news that the city plans to plant about 500 extra trees per year through 2025. Residents are calling this a two for one deal—or in other words, two trees planted for everyone that gets removed. The project is being conducted by a forest management service dedicated to protecting plant life indigenous to the area. Carlsbad Pro Tree Service also understands the importance of this and continues to be a proponent for the cause.

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    this image shows tree service in Carlsbad
    This image shows tree service in Carlsbad.

    About Carlsbad Pro Tree Service

    Caring for trees is a meticulous business that we take very seriously. From planting to pruning to pest control and more, we safeguard trees’ wellness just as they safeguard our own by photosynthesis and other means. These other means can be basic as providing shade on a sunny day or more complex, like bearing fruit for consumption. Whichever the case, we scratch each others’ backs and get older together.

    City life is taxing on trees. Within a concrete jungle, pretty much every species has a shorter lifespan. Part of the blame lies with property owners—and developers—cutting them down before their time. But a bigger problem comes from just how deeply the roots of urban trees are being planted. Many tree services dig too far down when they plant, leaving little to no root flare near the surface. These root flares are transition zones. They have more bark than root tissue; thus, they need sunlight and open air. Construction crews that plant trees around shopping centers and condominiums often mistake burying trees too deep, cutting their lifespan to a mere 5 to 7 years.

    Root flares can also be injured by lawn care equipment such as weed whackers and lawnmowers. Carlsbad Pro Tree Service recommends that homeowners forgo the use of such equipment near their trees. Pull encroaching weeds by hand instead, or use a light ring of mulch around the base.

    Impacted soil is yet another issue that makes life hard on a city tree. Concrete poured over their root system, hardens the soil, thereby stunting the growth of the tree. Fortunately, there are techniques to avoid this issue, such as spacing out the soil beneath the concrete with rocks or using a rebar system to separate the concrete from the soil.

    We take care of our urban trees because they are quite well adept at taking care of us. Their aesthetic appeal tends to elevate the spirit; their shade provides solace from the heat. That last go beyond sensation and into science. The heat island effect is a term used to describe how metal and concrete tend to make cities a few degrees warmer than rural locations. Tree cover helps to reduce this effect.

    The above information is merely a sample of how we at Carlsbad Pro Tree Service care for the work we do. Or more to the point, we care for the trees. Our services are spacious as their roots and nearly as essential. It’s the least we can do for these magnificent species that do so much for us. Reach us at 760-280-5757 for tree services in Carlsbad, Callifornia.